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Wild Sweet Orange Essential Oil – Uses and Benefits

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Wild orange is typically an unpretentious essential oil, commonly used in aromatherapy in creating the feeling of warmth and happiness, while calming the nervous digestive problems. Dominican Republic is the main source of Doterra wild orange essential oil. It is extensively used as a fragrance component in detergents, perfumes, soaps and cosmetics. It is also used in some food and drinks industries. Some of the key therapeutic properties of this essential oil are anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, carminative, sedative, tonic, stomachic, hypotensive, digestive, choleratic, anti-bacterial and antioxidant.

The Composition and Extraction Process of the Wild-Orange Essential Oil

Cold compression method is used to obtain this essential oil from the peels of an orange. The botanical name of this orange is Citrus Sinensis. Its main components are Citronellal, Myrcene, Linalool, Neral, Geranial, Alpha Pinene, Sabinene, and Limonene.

Common Uses of Wild-Orange Essential Oil

This particular essential oil has a wide range of medicinal, domestic and industrial uses. For domestic use, it is used to add some orange flavor to sweetmeats, beverages and desserts. For industrial use, orange oil uses are; being used in body lotions, room fresheners, deodorants, sprays, biscuits, and concentrates for soft drinks, chocolates, bakery items, and confectionery, creams, and soaps, wrinkle-lifting and anti-aging applications.

Other orange oil uses include;

•It supports the toxins removal from the body, at the same time stimulating the lymphatic system.

•It is also one of the most aromatic and powerful of the essential oils and this is very important for disinfecting and getting rid of pathogens and fungus. The oil also has effective actions against flu and colds.

•Doterra wild orange essential oil can also be both uplifting and energizing, and sedative since it creates feelings of peace. It can therefore be used in treating anorexia.

•This essential oil is also known to support the formation of collagen in the skin.

Doterra Orange

Benefits of Using Orange Essential Oil

Generally, there are several advantages of using this oil. Some of them are as follows:

1.Antiseptic – Wherever there is an abrasion or cut, the wound is likely to become septic because of bacterial infection. Particularly if the wound was caused by an iron object, there are high chances of getting infected with tetanus germs. Orange essential oil can help you avoid this kind of infections as the oil disinfects the wounds and inhibit microbial growth.

2.Diuretic – As this oil is believed to help eliminate excess gas from the body, it also does to excess toxins. The orange oil from Doterra can flush your body of toxins in an effective way. It promotes urination that helps get rid of toxins such as excess salts, bile, uric acid, excess water, and pollutants within your urine. Urination promotes digestion and increases appetite and contributes towards weight loss that makes it suitable for the heart too.

3.Aphrodisiac – Wild orange essential oil also contains mild aphrodisiac properties. This means that with a regular and systematic use can help treat problems such as impotence, decreased libido, erectile problems, frigidity, and loss of interest in sex.

4.Anti-inflammatory – This oil also offers quick, effective relief from body inflammation, whether external or internal inflammation. This essential oil can basically reduce the knee pain and the irritation of things such as antibiotics side effects, infections, fever, ingestion of narcotics or toxic substances, and many more.

5.Cholagogue – This yet another benefit of Doterra wild orange essential oil as it promotes secretions from every appropriate gland, including endocrine and exocrine. This means that it can be used to promote lactation, bile, enzymes, hormones, digestive juice, and menstruation.

6.Antispasmodic – Sometimes spasms can lead to a lot of irritating or very serious health conditions, including muscle cramps, extreme diarrhea, convulsions, and coughing. To avoid all these, spasms must be completely prevented or cured immediately. In this case, this particular essential oil is believed to help in relaxing nervous and muscular spasms.

7.Anti-depressant – Surprisingly, the smell of this oil can remind you of all happy moments and bring pleasant thoughts to your mind. This is one of the reasons why the oil is mostly used in aromatherapy. It generally creates and relaxed feeling to an individual and works as a great mood lifter which is perfect for individuals suffering from chronic anxiety or depression. According to research, natural essential oil from, especially of orange helps to reduce salivary cortisol and pulse rate because of child anxiety state.

8.Tonic – just like overhauling and servicing your car, the relation of a tonic to your body is quite the same. A tonic will tone up all systems, which functions throughout your body, contributes to strength, boosts immunity, and keeps your metabolic system in the right shape.

9.Sedative – After a hard day at work or if you are suffering from any kind of inflammation, you will definitely need to cool down and the best way to do this is using a natural sedative to help you relax. The artificial drugs or sedatives available in various shops can be tranquilizers based-on certain narcotics like opium. Eventually, these will greatly damage the heart and several other internal organs. Therefore, using a natural sedative like this essential oil can help to alleviate anger, anxiety, certain bodily inflammations and depression as well.

10.Carminative – Orange essential oils are also carminative and this means being an agent, which helps in the elimination of excess gas from the body, especially intestines. This gas can also cause an increase in blood pressure, cause very acute stomach-aches and even negatively affect the health of the heart. However, with essential oil of orange can help cure a number of these problems as it relaxes the anal and abdominal muscles, thereby allowing the excess gas out of the body. It also prevents the gas from forming again.

11.Insecticide – Some research have shown that this oil can be effective against pupae or larvae of housefly, hence helping in getting rid of houseflies.

In a nutshell, in addition to all these orange oil uses and benefits, it can also boost immunity, serve as a detoxifier, and treat dyspepsia and constipation. Doterra wild-orange essential oil also plays a big role in maintaining healthy, smooth skin. It also cures dermatitis and acne. Lastly, this oil also displays photo-toxicity.

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