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Using Essential Oils for Colds

Using Essential Oils for Colds

Every year, colds go around communities across the country, keeping people from work and school. However, you can use essential oils for colds to reduce your symptoms and shorten the time you are down. As you become educated about these natural remedies, you are sure to appreciate them as a viable alternative to pharmaceuticals.

Lemon essential oil, lemon fruit and rosemary on white backgroundThe fragrant essential oil from the lemon can be used successfully to help treat colds. The delightful citrus oil will boost your immune system with powerful antioxidant action while it slows the growth of cold-causing bacteria. You can use it alone or in conjunction with other beneficial essential oils to start fighting your cold today.

Lavender should also be on your list of essential oils for colds. This versatile floral oil is useful for improving skin health and mood as well. The antibacterial quality makes it useful for fighting cold germs while the fragrance helps to keep your spirits up during your convalescence.

For those who remember being rubbed down with minty balm during childhood colds, it will come as no surprise to find peppermint oil on the list. It is useful for opening up clogged breathing passages and has mood-lifting benefits as well. You are sure to appreciate this natural alternative to your childhood favorite!

Tea tree oil is a powerful aid to have against all kinds of infections. Hailing originally from Australia, tea tree oil can be used to thwart bacteria, viruses and a host of other microscopic invaders. You should always have a bottle on hand to treat internal and external pests.

While using essential oils can help with bacterial infections, is is vital that you use them correctly. Never ingest the oils because the concentrated powers can be too strong for your digestive tract. You can apply them externally to fight off internal invaders.

Essential oil molecules are very tiny, which allows them to easily pass through your body. Because of this, oils applied to your skin can ward off internal infections. While the exact mechanisms of transfer through the body are still being studied, you can trust that it works.

The inhalation method is the most common form of treatment for colds. Heat up some water and add several drops of your chosen essential oils. Drape a towel over your head and hold it over the bowl, inhaling deeply. The steam will carry the oils deep within your lungs where they will begin fighting off the infection causing your cold.

Alternatively, you can make a thick oil rub to apply to your chest and neck. Melt some coconut oil and add the essential oils. Whisk well and massage into your skin. Experiment with different oils such as eucalyptus and oregano to create a powerful cold-fighting rub.

Nobody wants to be stuck in bed with a cold! You can reduce the amount of time you spend recuperating from your cold by using these and similarly beneficial essential oils. In addition to reducing your symptoms and helping you recover more quickly, your use of essential oils to fight off your cold will help you appreciate the natural remedies available to you!


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